Meet Your Handyman

Lionel Boyle

I cannot remember exactly the first tool I ever used or at least picked up, but I know it would have belonged to my father as I have some fond memories making myself busy in his garage.

Hammers, nails, saws, pliers, you name it I would have them all out! That was also when I first learned to respect tools and look after them, that would explain why I still have some of his tools today.

My Experience

I served a five-year Engineering Apprenticeship as a Metal Spinner and worked in a wide variety of positions over the years. Through all that time, I have always carried out my own maintenance, repair and decoration work.

An early project for me was when my wife and myself bought a fire damaged house that had no water, electricity or gas. There was not one room that wasn’t impacted by the fire or smoke, I had one month as part of the mortgage contract in which to get the main services reconnected and at least two rooms liveable in!

Extreme? Yes – but what a challenge and I loved every minute of it!

It is strange but it doesn’t really matter to me whether the challenge is big or small, it just has to be right!

On the commercial side of things, I have been installing displays for estate agents, banks, building societies and travel agents for the last twenty years. Some of my commercial clients have included Portman Building Society, Goadsbys, Hays Travel, Chaffers Estate Agents, Gilyard Scarth, Hambledon and Humberts.